A Passion For Timeless Treasures


Meet Kathy

With every vintage piece there is a story...

Reloved Jewelry began with the dreams  and curiosity of a young girl named Kathy, brought forth by the mystery of her Grandmother’s jewelry box. Turning once-loved jewelry into re-loved jewelry is her mission. Today we search for precious and unique items with history and stories that barely exist in a sea of the mass manufactured and uninspiring. Using reclaimed and upgraded materials, Kathy creates unique, beautiful jewelry where no two pieces are alike. Each piece is inspired by a song or lyric that speaks to the heart of each piece. She believes music blends heart, mind and spirit, ultimately manifesting love for God and others. Life is full of endured trials, brokenness and feelings of being misplaced. Yet, with the blessings of grace, we are given strength and a second chance. In a sense, her jewelry and the stories that go with them, resemble a personal human experience, Kathy's jewelry has been Re-loved... born again. For by grace you have been saved through faith. ~ Ephesians 2:8


Timeless Treasures

Yesterday's treasures... lost but not forgotten.